Sundance 2016

by kebullock / Jan 28, 2016 / No Comments

My First Sundance Film Festival

Well I’ve successfully survived my first visit to the Sundance Film Festival. I maintain that the pass my family got for me is the best Christmas present. Period. My brother and I decided to go as ‘low-rollers’, staying in bunk-beds at a cheap AirBnb (Thank you Ty!), eating at cheap local joints, and taking public transit everywhere. We arrived on Wednesday night, got our bearings on Thursday, and started our movie marathon bright and early on Friday. It was exhausting but we saw 9 films over the course of 3 days (WOW!). Some of the highlights include:

  1. Celebrity sightings! Thanks Elijah Wood for being my first.
  2. That feeling when you get into a movie off the waitlist. Those 8:30 am screenings were rough but on day 3 we successfully got into Wiener-Dog.
  3. Attending a world premiere. How cool is it to say we saw Hunt for the Wilderpeople at the same time the cast and crew were first screening it!?!
  4. Free stuff! Waterbottles, check. Coffee, check. Food, check. Wine, check. Tote bags, check. Toys, check.
  5. Virtual Reality: It might seem weird to say that one of my favorite parts of a film festival had nothing to do with film (although I could argue it has a great deal to do with film). I can’t wait to see what comes next for this budding medium.
  6. The Q&A sessions: After almost ever film we saw, the directors and actors answered questions. Not only did this help us rack up celebrity sightings, but it was also awesome to hear about the inspiration and process behind the films we were seeing.
  7. And of course, the movies!

All in all, I will definitely be going back and I can’t wait to read what others thought of the massive catalog of films!




We made it! 




Waitlist selfie! Waiting to see if we got into the premiere of Other People. Unfortunately this long wait would end in disappointment. At least we had tickets to see it the next day!




We stopped into the ASCAP Music Cafe to hear Air Traffic Controller rock the house!




Matt trying out the Vive VR gear.




After a long (and somewhat painful wait) we finally got to try out the the Martian VR Experience on the Oculus.




After our trip to the New Frontier VR Bar, we sat in on a Youtube panel to hear about the future of VR.




That’s about as close as you can get! Front row seats to the Q&A after a screening of Manchester by the Sea. And yes, that’s Casey Affleck and Kyle Chandler.




Our final film of the festival: Captain Fantastic. Hanging out with Viggo Mortensen and Matt Ross after the screening for a Q&A.